About ezInvoice

The Beginnings...

Before ezInvoice invoices were still printed on paper, stuffed in an envelope, then it had a stamp stuck on it and was put in a mailbox or taken to the post office and was delivered somewhere around three to seven days later. 

We helped to change all that when we released the very first "Web Based Invoicing App" online in early 2002. You can see in the internet "Wayback Machine"

At first we had a quite a few critics telling us this would never work, but now, over a decade later, we can honestly say ezInvoice helped influence how companies all over the world create and deliver invoices now and we demonstrated to others that web based software not only worked, but was here to stay. 

Our Goals...

Our main goal when we started ezInvoice was to create software that you didn't have to learn anything to use or to pay a lot for it. We focused on small business owners who didn't have big bucks for software and we avoided adding gimmicky features that don't really pertain to invoicing or getting paid so they could stay focused on their work instead of learning how use our software. 

Our Competition...

Since we started there have been dozens of others who've made "Cloud" based invoicing software and some have even copied our name. Most of them have come and gone now. New ones still pop up and disappear, but not so many nowadays. We're still here though. We've kept our cost low so we can keep the price down for the user and we intend to keep doing that. You can pay a lot more for invoicing software that doesn't do near as much as ezInvoice.com. It may look busy and take longer to use, but it's not doing anything more for you.

Our Development...

Over the years ezInvoice has been upgraded several times as new technologies became stable and widely adapted. ezInvoice 5 upgrades everything the user sees and interacts with and it runs dynamically on any device the user has on hand while still looking and feeling familiar. On the server side we've made the software even more efficient and faster than ever before. Every function was reviewed to reduce complexity and every line of code tightened up where possible. 

All of this was done so we can continue making it better. With these upgrades we've created a wide development path by integrating the best opensource software tools, frameworks, and libraries of code available with ezInvoice 5 and we've just scratched the surface of what can be done with them. 

Our Future...

Our next step will be upgrading our more fully featured www.foxdesk.com software the same way. If you've not looked at it, it's like a big brother to ezInvoice that does a lot more. With foxdesk you can make Estimates, Proposals, Quotes, Receipts, Billing Statements, and more. 

So you can continue to expect great new things from us in the future, and at a price that any small business can afford because were in it with you. Always have been. 

Our Thanks...

We owe both our success and our longevity to you, our users. It's you who've made this software great. You've offered brilliant suggestions, found our mistakes and bugs, and helped us work them out in order to make this the rock solid software it is today, and your own hard work inspires us everyday to keep making it better.

Thank You,

Bill Stephenson,
ezInvoice Lead Developer


The ezInvoice.com software is made by Ameri-guide inc. Our offices are located in the beautiful Ozark Mountains of south western Missouri, USA. Our software is distributed from an industrial strength data center located in New York, New York, USA.

If there's anything more you'd like to know about us feel free to contact us. 

208 Mead Rd.
Kirbyville, Missouri USA

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