ezInvoice Features

It Starts with Security

Because privacy and security are critical.

  • Our ezInvoice web servers use the strongest SSl encryption available to provide a constant secure connection between your internet browser and your software.

Create, Save, Edit, Deliver Invoices

It doesn't get any faster or easier than this.

  • You can start working on an invoice today and deliver it later. Open, edit, and save it as many times as you want before sending it to your customer.
  • Update your invoice while a job is in progress to keep a running tab on how much your customers owe.

Print and Email Unlimited Invoices

We don't set limits on that.

  • There's no limit to how many invoices you can create with ezInvoice.com. With just a click you can send your invoices by email.
  • Emailing your invoices lowers your expenses and helps you and your customers easily track your billing.
  • You can even send your invoices to multiple email addresses at once so everyone involved in the bidding and billing process is up to speed.
  • Your printed invoices are clean and professional looking, They reflect the quality you and your clients and customers expect.

Use it Anywhere. Anytime.

  • ezInvoice runs on Macs, Windows and Linux desktop PCs and iOS and Android phones and tablets.
  • It runs offline first, no internet connection is needed.
  • It runs in your web browser and saves all your data there first too.
  • And now it's a real pleasure to use because the background images are by amazing artists from all over the world. And we change the image from time to time to keep it interesting. We also provide a link to where we get them.

Use it On All your Desktop PCs and Mobile Devices

  • We don't charge extra and we don't set limits on how many users or devices can access your ezInvoice account.

Use Your Company Logo

Present a professional look.

  • You can upload your company logo and include it on your printed and emailed invoices.

Email Delivery Confirmation

You'll know for sure that your Invoice has been successfully delivered

  • It even lets you know if your emailed invoice has been opened and viewed.

Invoice In 27 Currencies

If yours is missing we will add it, just ask.

  • You can select the currency you want to bill in from over 27 currencies from around the globe.

Invoice Reports

  • Get an instant snapshot of how much you've billed for each month.

Track Customer Payments

Know where you stand.

  • ezInvoice has a "List Unpaid Invoices" button that make it easy to see all of your outstanding invoices.
  • You can "Mark as Paid" an invoice with one click, or enter multiple payments, and keep dates and notes for them all.

Contact Address Book

Find and invoice who you want fast.

  • You get a built-in "Contact Manager" app that rivals expensive "CMS" software sold by others. It's there to help you easily manage your clients.
  • Use it to "Fast-Fill" the "Customer Address" on your invoices or to find and dial a phone number or email contact fast and easy.
  • It even includes a notepad so you can jot down important details about your clients.

Store Unlimited Invoices.

There are no limits on that.

  • Your ezInvoice.com user account comes with Cloud storage space for as many invoices you want.

Your Invoices Are Saved On Your Own Computer

  • Your invoices are saved on your computer first and also backed up in the Cloud so you always have access to them.

Live Sync All Your Desktop and Mobile Devices!

It's like magic.

  • You always have all the latest data on all your devices as soon as you go online.
  • With "Live Sync" everything you save or change is instantly pushed to all your connected devices so everyone always has the latest data.
  • This is really the coolest new feature in ezInvoice 6. You don't have to do anything at all. It just works in the background and does it all for you.

Products and Services Manager

Fast fill your Invoices.

  • Just type a few letters to find and add all the products and services you bill for on your invoices. This makes it much faster and easier to create your invoices and it eliminates typos and pricing mistakes on your invoices.

PayPal Integration

Now it's easy to get paid.

  • Add a "Pay Now with PayPal" button to your emailed invoices that lets your customers pay fast and easy.
  • Now your just a click away from getting paid.

Free Upgrades

There's no extra charge that either.

  • We've been refining and improving ezInvoice.com since 2002 and we've never charged for an upgrade. As we add features you'll get instant access to them.

Free Support

We have never charge for tech support.

  • If you ever need help feel free to contact us by email or phone. We don't charge for support and we'll take as much time as needed to get your problem solved.
  • We'll actually work "Click by Click" with you until you're comfortable working on your own.

Built-In Online Help

Every step is explained in detail.

  • We've included a link to "Help" on the Home Screen so it's always easy to access.
  • We have instructional videos that show how everything works. This is perfect if you need to train someone to do your invoicing. Just sit them down, start the video, and we'll explain it all.

Rock Solid Server

Over a 99.9% uptime since 2002.

  • Our software and your data resides on industrial strength secure servers located in New York City and are monitored 24/7 by real people who are among the best in the business.
  • We use the latest and most secure data protection techniques and methods that are available to keep your information safe. This gives us more than a 99.9% uptime and insures that your user account is always ready and waiting for you.


We've been here longer than anyone else.

  • We were the very first internet based invoicing app ever. We made the very first "Cloud Based Invoicing" way back in 2002 and we've been up and running and leading the field since.


It's your data.

  • We don't share any of your data with anyone, ever.
  • We don't use any 3rd party services to track usage. We never have and we never will.

No Advertising on Your Documents

  • There are no ads included anywhere on your documents.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

We insist you're happy.

  • If you don't like ezInvoice.com for any reason we'll refund your money with no questions asked. We only ask that you make your request within 30 days from your date of purchase.

And Much More

The little things do add up.

  • ezInvoice 6 is packed with many more great features that help you get your Invoicing done faster than ever before.
  • It's easy to use, works like you expect it to, and once you've got the hang of you'll make and deliver invoices in just minutes.

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